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Welcome to The Siths of Anarchy
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Operation on Aug.4

violent-carrol, Aug 5, 12 2:33 AM.
HM Eternity Vault was a success we downed 4 of the 5 bosses and had alot of fun despite the challenges at the beginning of the operation....Good Job to everyone that was there!!!


violent-carrol, Jul 30, 12 11:30 PM.
We are adding our builds, rotations, and other helpful advice to the Forums be sure to check them out.

Weekly Operations

violent-carrol, Jul 29, 12 10:47 AM.
We will now be doing our Operations on Friday, Saturday, & finishing up on Sunday's if need be.  Friday's will be our farm night...Come prepared with stims and credits for repairs which we shouldn't need much of on farm night.  Once the guild credit flow gets up guild repairs will be turned on.  Saturday nights will be our grind night and again be prepared.  Sunday will be finishing up if we didn't finish on Saturday.  We have the potentional to be on end game content in no time all we need is for everyone to be on time or preferable 15 minutes early so we can start promptly at 9:00 pm Eastern
Calminar (Calminar)
D'onnie (Donnie)
violent-carrol (Carrol)
Guild Masters Wife
Violent-Jay (Jay)
Guild Master
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